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Andy Cohen and the New Florida Blues Band

March 23rd- The New Florida Blues Band with Andy Cohen- is Barry Chern, Tom de Lombarde, Andy Cohen and Noah Shull. Andy and Noah play guitar in four part harmony, while Barry plays mandolin, harp, guitar or clarinet as necessary. Tom sticks to the tuba. Together they play a range of country blues, jug band stuff, early jazz, some old pop tunes and a few Old Time and Cajun numbers.
All of them are familiar with the broad sweep of American folk music, having studied it for a total of about two hundred years among them, and been immersed in Ohio’s long running love affair with music off of 78s. In real life, Andy is a traveling musician who gets there when he can. Tom is retired, but still sets up office computer systems and collects tubas. Barry is an artist and computer whiz himself. Noah, who is half Andy’s age and twice his size, is a union electrician. All of them love country blues and put everything they have into every show they do.
General Admission
Doors open at 7:30/Music at 8pm
Pre-sale tickets- $12/Day of show-$15