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Billy Yank: The Life of a Soldier

More than 300,000 Ohioans served in the Union Army from 1861-65.  In this talk, the audience heard first hand from one of them about leaving home for the army—about camp life, the fury of battle and more.  In this first-person portrayal, the audience learned what soldiers ate, how they coped with the cold and heat and how they made it through four years of marching and fighting.

Mark HolbrookMark Holbrook, Marketing Manager for the Ohio Historical Society, is a native Ohioan, graduate of The Ohio State University and an avid student of history. Mark has been a Civil War reenactor for more than 15 years and has given numerous lectures to adults and children about the life of a Civil War soldier. An author of several articles on the Civil War and reenacting, Mark is the editor of the regimental history of the 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  In addition to overseeing the Society’s marketing, Mark portrays historic characters for Society events, acts in the Echoes in Time theatre series at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus.