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Civil War Roundtable Banquet

The Cuyahoga Valley Civil War Roundtable will hold their annual banquet at the G.A.R. Hall on Wednesday, September 14th. They have graciously extended an invitation to our subscribers to attend the banquet as well.

Join us at 6:00pm to socialize with roundtable members with dinner beginning at 6:30pm. Following the dinner, Mr. G. Paul Huff will be presenting Arthur Conger, Jr: Lost in the Footnotes of History.

Arthur Conger, Jr. is the son of Peninsula’s famous Colonel Arthur Latham Conger who served in the Civil War and was active in the Grand Army of the Republic. Forgotten locally, Conger Jr. has an international reputation for the history he made as well as the history he wrote about. Rising from Corporal to the rank of Colonel, he served on General John Pershing’s staff during World War I. Conger used Civil War history to train officers prior to the “Great War” and his book, The Rise of U.S. Grant, is listed in the bibliographies of books published today.

If you are interested in attending the banquet, please contact Linda Tilgner at 330-867-3971. Reservations must be made by September 1, 2011.