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Civil War Lecture Series – 2018

The Peninsula Foundation’s 2018 Civil War Lecture Series is held on the fourth Thursday of each month from March to October at the G.A.R. Hall in Peninsula. Lectures begin at 7:00pm and are free to the public. Special thanks to Ohio Humanities and also the Jelm Foundation for sponsoring our 2018 lecture series and our other educational events!

2018 Speaker Schedule

  • 3/22: Plenty of Blame to Go Around: JEB Stuart’s Ride to Gettysburg, presented by Eric J. Wittenberg
  • 4/26: Why They Stayed: The Mind of Northern Men in the Civil War Midwest, presented by Dr. Julie Mujic
  • 5/24: Mary Todd Lincoln – A Widow Forgotten, presented by Jessica Michna
  • 6/28: Black & White Women of the Old South, presented by Dr. Joan Cashin
  • 7/26: The Trent Affair, presented by William F.B. Vodrey
  • 8/23: Ulysses S Grant, presented by Mark Holbrook
  • 9/27: Decapitating the Union: The Confederacy’s Plot to Destroy the United
    States Government, presented by John C. Fazio
  • 10/25: Statues, Flags, and the Ongoing Battle over the Meaning of the Civil War, presented by Dr. William Trollinger*

*Presented in part by Ohio Humanities

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