Preserving Peninsula's Past for the Future.

His Promised Land

John Parker’s life is a story of determination, sacrifice, and extraordinary courage. He was an ex-slave, inventor, entrepreneur, husband and father who risked everything, including his freedom, to help hundreds of slaves through the Ohio Underground Railroad. In this dramatic presentation, John Parker will guide you through some of his most intense experiences. Following the dramatic portrayal, Mr. Gibbs discusses the legacy of John Parker and the Underground Railroad in Ohio.

Mr. Gibbs has traveled throughout Ohio as a teaching artist and living history performer. Anthony portrays John Parker, an Underground Railroad conductor from Ripley, OH; Milton Holland, a soldier of Medal of Honor recipient of the 5th U.S.C.T.; and other key figures in African American History. For almost ten years Mr. Gibbs has presented historical workshops and performances on the United States Colored Troops and their participation in the Civil War. A graduate of The Ohio State University, he is founder and Creative Director of Black Historic Impressions, an organization dedicated to the remembrance, appreciation, and exhibition of African American contributions throughout history.