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Holly & Ivy


December 6th- The Largely Literary presents- The Holly and the Ivy: Christmas Customs and Traditions:¬†Ever wonder why we kiss under the mistletoe? What do holly, ivy and evergreen trees have to do with Christmas? Who thought up Santa Claus? How did drinking, eating and partying become a big part of Christmas celebrations? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this presentation. Actor/storyteller Sara Showman will take you on a journey that begins before the birth of Christ, when pagan nature worshipers planted the seeds of what would become beloved Christmas customs. Along the way, you’ll hear folk tales, religious stories and mythology, as well as Christmas songs like “The Holly and the Ivy,” “Oh, Christmas Tree,” “The First Noel” and “The Carol of the Birds.” It’s a show that combines history, stories and song and will add a new dimension to your Christmas celebrations.
Private VIP party before production begins at 6pm
Doors open at 7pm for the production
Pre-sale tickets $7
$10 at the door
Cash bar available for those that wish to enjoy an adult beverage
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