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Mark Olitsky and Cary Moskovitz


May 18th- A banjo duet… Mark Olitsky and Cary Moskovitz. So you may be thinking two banjos, nothing else? That’s right,  Mark Olitsky plays a minstrel banjo, one of those nylon or gut-strung massive wonders that troll an octave below most banjos. Cary Moskovitz plays three different plectrum banjos. Plectrum banjos have a neck as long as a five-string, but only have four stings. There is a thoughtful pacing to their music, and the two banjos produce a far more nuanced sound than one might expect. By playing off of each other’s rhythms, they achieve a complexity that belies there are only two instruments involved.

Touring in support of their recording Duets…we are happy for the to be coming to the Hall!

“Two men with two banjos make some fascinating music… This project is a wonder of banjo sounds that emphasizes space and subtleties over notes and bombast. If you love banjo music, this little gem is a dandy with a lot to offer. If you love old-time banjo, miss it at your own peril.” — Bluegrass Unlimited

“Lovely stuff. So much depth of sound out of just two banjos.” — Old Time News, UK

“Their banjos weave in and out in delightful and surprising ways… The entire album is filled with virtuosic banjo playing and is a must-have for banjo geeks and old-time music fans alike.” — The Glory-Beaming Banjo
General Admission
Doors open at 7:30/Music at 8pm
Pre-Sale $10/ Day of show $14
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