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Medical Advancements of the Civil War

The Civil War was the first modern war and resulted in the highest number of U.S. casualties per capita of any of our wars as approximately 620,000 men perished, including 360,000 in the North and 260,000 in the South; 25% of those involved died.  These casualties exceeded those of all other U.S. wars and affected nearly every family in the North and South.  What are not often understood or appreciated now are the rapid advancements made in American medicine that were stimulated by this conflict.  This power-point illustrated presentation explains those advances and their impact on the subsequent development of American Medicine.

Dr. D’Onofrio is President of the Society of Civil War Surgeons and editor of its quarterly publication, The Journal of Civil War Medicine.  He has been active in many reenactments and published and presented numerous articles on his subject.  Prior to his current scholarly pursuits, he learned about traumatic injuries first hand as a professional paramedic and has taught in various training facilities, including the National Fire Academy in Maryland.