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Mike Barnett Portraits in fiddle class/workshop

March 17th- Mike Barnett, portraits in fiddle class/workshop– In January of 2017, Mike Barnett joined Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, replacing fiddle virtuoso Andy Leftwich. Mike currently plays with Ricky, as well as the Bryan Sutton Band, and tours with his own music as well.

Mike Barnett is an active clinician having taught at numerous fiddle camps all over the country including Live Oak Fiddle Camp, Christian Howes’s Creative Strings Workshop, Rocky Grass Bluegrass Academy, Augusta Fiddle Camp,  Mount Shasta Fiddle Camp, and Crystal Plohman’s Fiddle Camp at Vanderbilt University.

“I believe music is a vessel of self expression and individuality and means to connect with people. My goal is to help facilitate what one hears in their head to their chosen instrument with ease and fluidity.  The way one understands and learns to speak the language of music is very similar to learninga spoken language. There are many different meanings, interpretations, and opinions of what it means to be a “great musician”, and no single way to “arrive” at this goal.

Developing a good ear and understanding different kinds of musical forms and structures can be very useful in developing a good sense of (musical) intuition and help facilitate communication through music.

No matter what style(s) of music you are moved and inspired by or to play, there are certain fundamental elements at the core of all of them. Eg: rhythm, harmony, melody, phrasing, expression. Through varying forms of technique, mechanics, exercises, etc., we can progress to a higher level of understanding and utilizing these elements.”

Join us on Saturday morning, March 17th for a workshop with Mike at the G.A.R. Hall.
Pre-sale tickets are recommended as class size is limited

Doors open at 9:45
Class begins at 10AM
Pre-Sale- $15.00
At the Door-$20.00
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