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Mr E & The Syncopated Swingers


January 28th- Mr. E. and the Syncopated Swingers– Now this is going to be some fun! Perfect thing to chase away some of those winter blues… May I introduce the new and amazing music collaberation of Mr. E. and the Syncopated Swingers, Jon Mosey, Bill Watson, Roy King, David Krauss, Bob Yocum, and Charlie Wiener.

These fun music playing young chaps have formed a new band because with over 200 years of playing with every band that would have them, and logging millions of miles playing any town, bar or hall that would allow them to play and feed them drinks…why not do it at least one more time…all together! You will enjoy fun music, singing, swinging, dancing, more music, some booze (if you desire), more dancing, more fun, this should be about a hoot and a half!!

Doors open at 6:30/ Music at 7pm
pre-sale tickets $12/$15 at the door
general admission
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