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Rayna Gellert and Kieran Kane

January 13th- Rayna Gellert and Kieran Kane- Kieran Kane has been referred to as “the godfather of Americana music” for good reason. His seminal work in The O’Kanes and Kane Welch Kaplin, as well as co-founding the independent label Dead Reckoning Records, laid the foundation for the contemporary world of Americana music. A successful solo artist, collaborator, and songwriter (with songs recorded by Alan Jackson, John Prine, Emmylou Harris, and many more), Kieran is a musician’s musician: his playing is always understated, always groove-oriented, and always serving the song.

If​ ​Rayna​ Gellert​ seems a preternaturally gifted songwriter, it’s because she’s seen farther​ ​into the old songs than most. Growing up in a musical family, ​she​ turned to Appalachian old-time music at a young age, becoming a prodigious ​fi​ddler​ ​and leading a new revival of American stringband music through her work with the acclaimed roots band Uncle ​E​arl.​ An in-demand collaborator, she has toured and recorded with artists such as Scott Miller, Abigail Washburn, Toubab Krewe, and Robyn Hitchcock.

Kieran and Rayna​ first met, fittingly, at San Francisco’s celebrated Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, which led to their cowriting ​songs for ​Kieran’s recent album, Unguarded Moments (Dead Reckoning)​.​ ​They joined forces again for Rayna’s 2017 release, Workin’s Too Hard (StorySound Records), which they ​also ​co-produced.​ Fans of either artist will recognize the musical kindred-spiritedness in their restrained and roots-oriented approach to both songs and arrangements.

Thrilled to have these two talented artists share the G.A.R. Hall stage.
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