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The Page Turners


June 2nd- The Page Turners, Carolyn Kendrick and Jake Howard, are an award-winning group (2016 Freshgrass Best Duo) who have a strong foothold in the acoustic music scene. As a native from Akron, OH, Jake is excited to bring his band back to his hometown of Akron, OH where he first started playing music. The Page Turners partnership began as musical friends at Berklee College of Music, and they started playing together through a mutual admiration for musical authenticity and adventurousness. They write sharp and adept original music, as well as put new twists on old favorites. All together, they blend their love of bluegrass, whiskey-fueled old-time, country, swing, and fearless song-writing into one all-purpose seasoning of good ole’ fashioned roots music. Now on tour nationally, their debut album is available and you can catch them where they turn the page next.  Always fun when the hometown boy makes good and comes back to the town where it all started. One of the last shows Jake played with the Blue Ribbon Bluegrass Band was at the Hall before taking off to study at the Berklee School of Music.  Welcome home Jake!!
Doors open at 7:30/ Music at 8pm 
Pre-sale tickets- $12/ Day of show $15
General Admission
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