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Bluegrass Gospel Hour at the G.A.R. Hall


October 25th- The Bluegrass Gospel Hour with David Mayfield and Paul Kovac- So we started this program at the Bronson Church, we moved it to the Bronson Green and this week we are moving in to the G.A.R. Hall. The Bronson Church is too small for us to safely social distance so we are turning to the safe and sacred Halls, of the historic G.A.R. Hall for this week’s Bluegrass Gospel Hour! Not sure if we will continue to do this at the Hall, but we hope the interest is there and that you join us! Looking forward to throwing open our doors and starting our Sunday with some sweet Bluegrass music!! The bar will be open for refreshments, we will coffee with some adult enhancements if desired and some Mimosa’s for fun. Please feel free to bring in your own food to enjoy!

Some things have changed at the Hall… Our variance to open from the County and State allows us 11 socially distanced tables. There are tables with 4 seats available at each table and a limited number of tables with 2 seats available for a total of no more than 44 seats. No lines at the bar, there will be a menu at your table where you can write down your drink orders, we will pick it up and bring you your beverages. You are welcome to bring your own food, we do not have the food operation up and running yet. Masks are mandatory. Since we are indoors, masks need to stay on unless you are eating or drinking. If you get up from your seat, you need to put your mask back on. We would appreciate if you had a mask on when speaking with our staff. They will do the same for you. If this is disagreeable to you…then this is not the event for you…sorry.

We will have two portable restrooms and hand washing stations outside. Please social distance when waiting to check in outside . We have improved air quality while inside the Hall. We have installed improved filters. We installed both UV lIghting systems and Ionization systems to our HVAC systems. We are excited to be able to open again under the State guidelines, and most importantly… to open safely. We can’t wait to welcome you back to the Hall for some live music!

We do small in a BIG way!

General Admission- Doors open at 10am/Music at 10:30am
Flying solo, no table – $ 15.00
Table for two – $25.00
Table for four – $50.00
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