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Bronson Steeple Restoration

The Bronson Church needs your help!

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The Bronson Church is a local and regional treasure located on Main Street – Route 303 in Peninsula, Ohio. It was one of the first structures built in Peninsula by town founder Herman Bronson. It served an active Episcopalian congregation for over 100 years and still houses the first library in the village. Though it hasn’t had an active congregation for almost 60 years, it has seen over 800 couples of all faiths and orientations get married there as well as held concerts, lectures, workshops, historic tours, and funerals. We consider it one of Peninsula’s gems!

Several years ago, the steeple of the church suffered some serious wind damage, causing it to shift. Unbeknownst to us, water was damaging not only the exterior of the steeple, but also to the structure’s support beams. The Peninsula Foundation was left no choice but to remove the steeple for safety reasons. Interior structural repairs were completed making the Church safe, but we hope to return it to it’s previous glory.

We are requesting your help through charitable contributions in repairing the structural damage to the Bronson Church’s roof, its supports, and rebuilding the steeple. The cost will be at least $110,000 for materials, contractors fees and engineering fees.

We have been seeking brick and mortar capital grants from appropriate organizations but we are asking members of our community and membership for help. All donations received are tax deductible and will be solely used for the stabilization and reconstruction of the steeple to the Bronson Church.

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