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Civil War Lecture Series

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2021 Speakers

  • 3/25: Meade & Lee at Rappahannock Station, presented by Jeff Hunt
  • 4/22: The Battle of Franklin and the Unsung Hero of the Union, Jacob Dolson Cox, presented by Gene Schmiel
  • 5/27: Varina Davis: First Lady of the Confederacy, presented by Joan Cashin, an OAH Distinguished Lecturer
  • 6/24: Bloody Autumn - The Shenandoah Campaign of 1864, presented by Phillip S. Greenwalt
  • 7/22: "Too Much for Human Endurance": The George Spangler Farm Hospitals and the Battle of Gettysburg, presented by Ron Kirkwood
  • *8/26: African American Children and the Civil War, presented by Wilma King, an OAH Distinguished Lecturer
  • *9/23: What Germans Fought For: Evidence from their Civil War Letters, presented by Walter Kamphoefner, an OAH Distinguished Lecturer
  • *10/21: For Liberty and Empire - How the Civil War Bled into the Indian Wars, presented by Ari Kelman, an OAH Distinguished Lecturer

2020 Speakers

  • 6/25: An Evening with Ulysses S Grant, presented by Curt Fields
  • 7/23: Marching Home, presented by Brian Matthew Jordan
  • 8/27: Mary Ann Bickerdyke, presented by Jessica Michna
  • 9/17: Lincoln’s Vice Presidents, presented by William F.B. Vodrey
  • 10/22: Gettysburg Monuments: Stories & Tall Tales, Part I, presented by Gary Sellers
  • 11/12: Gettysburg Monuments: Stories & Tall Tales, Part II, presented by Gary Sellers

2019 Speakers

  • 3/28: Causes of the Civil War, presented by John C. Fazio
  • 4/25: The Future of Civil War History, presented by Harry Smeltzer
  • 5/16: Brown Water, Black Ships: U.S. Navy Operations on the Mississippi, presented by William Vodrey
  • 6/27: Civil War Legacies: The Ohio Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s, presented by William Trollinger*
  • 7/25: Ohio Women and the Civil War Home Front, presented by Kelly Mezurek*, PhD
  • 8/22: Desertion & Abandonment in the Civil War, presented by Julie Mujic, PhD
  • 9/26: Frederick Douglass, presented by Todd Arrington, NPS
  • 10/24: Gettysburg Monuments: Stories & Tall Tales, presented by Gary Sellers

2018 Speakers

  • 3/22: Plenty of Blame to Go Around: JEB Stuart’s Ride to Gettysburg, presented by Eric J. Wittenberg
  • 4/26: Why They Stayed: The Mind of Northern Men in the Civil War Midwest, presented by Dr. Julie Mujic
  • 5/24: Mary Todd Lincoln – A Widow Forgotten, presented by Jessica Michna
  • 6/28: Black & White Women of the Old South, presented by Dr. Joan Cashin
  • 7/26: The Trent Affair, presented by William F.B. Vodrey
  • 8/23: Ulysses S Grant, presented by Mark Holbrook
  • 9/27: Decapitating the Union: The Confederacy's Plot to Destroy the United States Government, presented by John C. Fazio
  • 10/25: Statues, Flags, and the Ongoing Battle over the Meaning of the Civil War, presented by Dr. William Trollinger*

2017 Speakers

  • 3/23: Music of the Civil War, presented by Steve Ball
  • 4/27: The Buckeye Vanguard, presented by Mark Holbrook
  • 5/25: The Gettysburg Address: Lincoln Redefines America, presented by William F.B. Vodrey
  • 6/22: The Emancipation Proclamation, presented by John C. Fazio
  • 7/27: The Battle of Franklin, presented by Mel Maurer
  • 8/24: USCT Regiments at the Crater and New Market Heights, presented by Kelly Mezurek
  • 9/28: Remembering the Civil War: Reenacting and Battlefield Preservation, presented by Bradley Keefer
  • 10/26: A Talk with Clara Barton, presented by Carol Starre-Kmiecik
  • 8/5: Special Civil War Lyceum on James Longstreet, presented by Dr. Jay Peacock

2016 Speakers

  • 3/24: The Music of Stephen Foster, presented by Steve Ball
  • 4/28: What If...?: An Overview of Civil War Alternatives, presented by William F.B. Vodrey
  • 5/26: The Grand Army of the Republic, presented by Rebecca Urban
  • 6/23: Women Spies of the Civil War, presented by Dr. Dianne Kauffmann
  • 7/28: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Civil War Book Reviews,
    presented by Carol Zeh
  • 8/25: The Passing of the Armies: Soldiers’ Lives After the Civil War, presented by Dr. George Vourlojianis
  • 9/22: A History of the Underground Railroad, presented by Cathy Nelson*
  • 10/27: The Battle of Chickamauga, presented by Dr. Bradley Keefer

2015 Speakers

  • 3/26: The Lincoln-Davis Debate, a one act play performed by John Fazio, Mel Maurer & William F.B. Vodrey
  • 4/23: The Sultana Disaster, presented by Paul Huff
  • 5/28: *Mr. Lincoln’s Camera Man, presented by Mark Holbrook
  • 6/25: Jesse James – Last Rebel of the Civil War, presented by Mel Maurer
  • 7/23: *Black Veterans: Redefining Citizenship in Post-Civil War Ohio, presented by Kelly Selby
  • 8/27: A Broken Regiment: The 16th Connecticut’s Civil War, presented by Lesley Gordon
  • 9/24: Rules of Engagement: Civil War Courtship, presented by Carol Lasser
  • 10/22: Shades of Blue & Gray – Ghosts of the Civil War, a one act play by the Largely Literary Theater Company

2014 Speakers

  • 4/24: Children in the Civil War, presented by William Rybka; Concert by The Black River Boys
  • 5/22: Blood in the Streets: The New York City Draft Riots, presented by William F.B. Vodrey
  • 6/26: *Ohio’s Unknown Generals, presented by Mark Holbrook
  • 7/24: Fighting for Freedom: The Story of the United States Colored Troops, presented by Anthony Gibbs
  • 8/28: *Medical Treatment of Confederate POWs at the Johnson’s Island Civil War Prison, presented by Dr. David Bush
  • 9/25: The Turning Point: The Wilderness & Spotsylvania, presented by John C. Fazio
  • 10/23: Shades of Blue & Gray: Ghosts of the Civil War, presented by the Largely Literary Theater Company

2013 Speakers

  • 4/25: Intrepid Mariners: The USS Kearsarge & CSS Alabama, presented by John C. Fazio
  • 5/23: From the Voice of a Slave: The Underground Railroad in Ohio, presented by Deborah Abbott, Ph.D.
  • 6/27: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, presented by William F.B. Vodrey
  • 7/25: The Bard of the Battlefield: Walt Whitman’s Civil War, presented by Carol Zeh
  • 8/22: *Billy Yank: The Life of a Soldier, presented by Mark Holbrook
  • 9/21: Special Civil War Lyceum & Concert, featuring Dr. R. Blakeslee Gilpin of PBS’ The Abolitionists
  • 9/26: Murder in Dayton: The Death of Lt. Waterman, presented by Timothy Brookes
  • 10/24: *Ghost Ballads: Apparitions & Other Paranormal Phenomena, presented by Hank Arbaugh

2012 Speakers

  • 4/26:  *Medical Advancements of the Civil War, presented by Dr. Peter D’Onofrio
  • 5/24:  Francis & Arabella, John & Fanny: Love & War, presented by John Fazio
  • 6/28:  *Mr. Lincoln’s Camera Man: An Evening with Matthew Brady, presented by Mark Holbrook
  • 7/26: Political Graverobbery: The Confederacy & George Washington, presented by William F.B. Vodrey
  • 8/23: Way Up North in Dixie: A Black Family’s Claim to the Confederate Anthem, presented by Howard & Judith Sacks
  • 9/27: Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Campaign, presented by Robert Boyda
  • 10/25: Ghost Stories of the Civil War, presented by Paul Goebbel

2011 Speakers

  • 4/14: *Ohio in the Civil War, presented by Mark Holbrook
  • 5/12: An Evening with Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater, presented by Mel Maurer
  • 6/30: Lee, Jackson, & Longstreet - Traitors All?, presented by
    William F.B. Vodrey
  • 7/28: Gettysburg & Its Aftermath, presented by Carol Zeh
  • 8/25: The Civil War Through the Window of American Art: 1861-65, presented by Jesse Bryant Wilder

*Presented in part by Ohio Humanities