Preserving Peninsula's Past for the Future.

Rehabilitation of the Historic G.A.R. Hall

We need YOUR help to help us rehabilitate the Historic G.A.R. Hall

The Historic G.A.R. Hall was built in 1851. It currently serves as a place for public, private and community events. Originally built as one of Peninsula's schoolhouses, it was designated as a meeting place for Civil War Veterans in the 1880's.

Purchased for back taxes in the early 1960's by Robert Hunker,  the Founder of the Peninsula Foundation. The G.A.R. Hall was scheduled to be destroyed as a test for the local fire department. Mr Hunker restored the building, bringing it back to life and  a local historic landmark.  It has served many purposes, most recently the home of the Voices in the Valley music program.  International, National and regionally touring artists have made the G.A.R. Hall a regular stop for presenting Traditional Roots Music.

The Peninsula Foundation is dedicated to the restoration of this historical gem,  to keep it a vital part of Peninsula and the region for years to come.



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