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Kim Richey

August 21- Kim Richey-This show has been re-scheduled from April 17th.  If you purchased tickets for the April 17th show, your tickets are good for the August 21st show if you did not cancel your tickets.

Join us as we celebrate the new record ” A Long way Back…The Songs of Glimmer. “I started off that record scared to death,” Kim Richey recalls of making Glimmer with producer Hugh Padgham back in 1999 in New York and London. A disastrous haircut, unfamiliar musicians, and oversized budgets didn’t help matters. “It wasn’t the way I was used to making records.”

The way Richey was used to making records was with friends in a vibed-out, low-key setting. That’s how she made her debut album with Richard Bennett, and it’s how she made her new album, Long Way Back… The Songs of Glimmer, with Doug Lancio. So Glimmer was different, and not just on the production side.

Revisiting that history for A Long Way Back was both emotional and edifying for her. “I was pretty broken-hearted when I wrote and recorded most of those songs and I remember feeling that way,” she says. “At the time, I needed to really get out of my head and out of Nashville. I think that was what appealed to me so much about making a record somewhere that wasn’t home and with new people. Recording these songs again was a good way to look back and remember I made it through those times.”

Join us for another special night with Kim Richey…we love her, you will too!
General Admission- Doors open at 7:30/ Music at 8pm
Pre-Sale tickets-$20.00/ Day of Show $25.00
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