Preserving Peninsula's Past for the Future.

Preservation Hero

In 2011, Robert L. Hunker was named a “Preservation Hero” by Heritage Ohio for protecting more than 30 irreplaceable historic properties and structures from demolition & development and in Peninsula, Ohio.

Beginning with his move to Peninsula in 1962, Mr. Hunker devoted 47 years of his life to preserving historic structures, protecting the river banks and preventing the onslaught of creeping suburbia and development into the valley lands between Cleveland and Akron. He prevented the loss of irreplaceable historic structures and invasive development through the valley, thus creating a unique livable space in a protected village all within an enormous acreage supporting wildlife & natural habitats. This is a superior accomplishment by one individual who withstood the pace and clamor and led the way tirelessly into his eighties, asking nothing for himself.

Today, Peninsula’s 600+ residents along with thousands of visitors take pride in enjoying and sharing the fruits of Mr. Hunker’s labor.