Preserving Peninsula's Past for the Future.

Railroad Depot

The Valley Railway opened in 1880, building depots in Boston, Peninsula and Everett. The advent of the automobile had a negative impact on the railroad and the depots were deemed obsolete by the 1930s. Everett’s depot became a garage and chicken coop in 1935 and Peninsula’s depot was demolished after World War II. The Boston depot had been turned into a home and by 1967 was in the way of a factory expansion project. Ernest R. Preston, president of Jaite Packaging at Boston, moved the depot out of harms way. Robert L. Hunker acquired the building and moved it near to the site where Peninsula’s depot once stood.*

The Depot is now used by the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

*History courtesy of Walter Herip & the Chamber’s Architectural Tour. Used with permission.