Preserving Peninsula's Past for the Future.

Trail Mix – Peninsula

The Peninsula Valley Historic & Education Foundation and the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park wish to announce a new collaboration in the Village. On Labor Day weekend, the new location for the reinvented Trail Mix—Peninsula store, formerly Park Place, will open in the Foundation’s All-Matic building.

The new store will accommodate the need for additional floor space as well as the desire for visibility to thousands of train visitors disembarking in town and the magnitude of trail users. When completed, the freshly refurbished 3,000 square foot space will be ideal for train, trail and tourist use. The building will provide greater space to accommodate the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway ticket sales, the wide range of National Park merchandise, souvenirs, literature and accessories, public restrooms and office space.

The building was originally the F.A. Bigelow Coal Company in the early 1900s. It was then purchased by the “All-Matic Corporation” that manufactured clipboards there. During its peak years, the All-Matic Corporation was one the largest producers of clipboards in the United States.

Everyone involved is pleased and excited about this new addition to the hub of activities and strategic partnership in Peninsula.